Best Pre work out supplements

For any person who intends to workout, the need to have a fitness program will have to be paramount. Included in the program must be a diet that is well-balanced, scheduled time for a good night rest and the fitness timetable to follow. Supplements maximize the capacity of a body-builder, so that all his energy is used while training. Therefore, the results that he gets are higher than doing so without the use of supplements. One thing though that you ought to be careful about is that you do not mix up the supplements used while working out. People may think that mixing up different supplements may maximize one’s energy use, but on the other hand, the supplements may just ruin your body.

What are some of the more common supplements?

Muscle Pharm Assault

The supplement with a raspberry flavor contains powerful doses of beta alanine, arginine and creatine. There is minimal calorie intake with this supplement, since the sugar level is quite low.


This is a supplement highly recommended for experienced body-builders. It may not be the best for beginners, since it is quite strong. It should not be taken with such stimulants as fat-burners since its reaction to the human digestive system may be disastrous. Extreme care should be taken while handling such supplements.

Cellucor No Extreme

This is the ideal supplement for the lightweights. The supplement provides each person with just a touch of the energy packs needed to kick-start your work out session. It is quite low on caffeine, and is quite adequate for those body builders who are trying to avoid caffeine.

US plabs

This supplement is a lemon flavored one with the ability to boost your morale almost in an instance. You will actually feel the boost right away, but it will be short lived. It comes in tiny tablets whose energy runs out in a short while.

There are many more of these tablets and supplements in the market, some of which differ from one another in terms of ingredients and possible reaction to the body. All that a person is advised to do is to be careful about the dosage that he is using. Overdosing on such supplements is harmful to someone’s health.

Better use of pre workout supplements

Since the pills are mostly used minutes before the workouts begin, it is imperative that one understands the kind of ingredients and the working process of each of the ingredients in the pills. Many companies claim to have the best pills for all the individuals, yet most of them lack in one area or another. Actually, there is no one pill that can possess all the characteristics that all the body builders are looking for.

One of the fastest ways to judge the usefulness of the pills is through checking the ingredients that constitute the pills. A simple check on the percentages of such substances as protein, nitric oxide, caffeine and creatines will give the pill its value. For example, proteins and creatines are good in enhancing muscle buildup. However, nitric oxide in the pill is known to enhance endurance levels of the person working out. It also does a lot in getting rid of fats.

The best supplements will always be packed with lots of nutritional value as well as the energy that is needed to boost your workout program. All of the supplements will come with specific instructions concerning their use, and how often they should be used. Supplements work well for younger adults in comparison to older people. Those who are above 50 years of age are advised to use them only after consulting a doctor.