Best Workouts for Abs and Best Ab Workout

Have you ever wished you had a six-pack stomach like you see in magazines, on TV, or online? There’s good news: you can build up your abs and get a lot closer to that ideal. All you need are the best workouts for abs and you’re ready to go.

You have to accomplish two goals to get those abs. One, you’ll need to reduce your fat enough to make them visible. Two, you have to do some exercise and commit to keeping it up for a period of time. If you put in the hours and the sweat for a few weeks, you will have nice strong abs and a leaner body to show for it.

So how do you lose weight? One important point to remember is that you can’t target your stomach and lose weight only there. Weight goes on unevenly, but it comes off all over your body.

Now, when it comes to melting away the fat wherever it is, the most powerful and easiest approach is to change your diet. The more you substitute vegetables, lean meats, fruits, legumes, and nuts for fatty meats and high-carb dishes like pasta, potatoes, or pizza, the less fat you’ll have to show for it.

Once you’ve got the right fuel going in, your next step is to increase your calorie burning. Aerobic exercise is pretty good for that, but one fact often overlooked about aerobics is that they don’t just reduce fat, they also cause muscle loss. Unless, that is, you also do resistance training, AKA weight lifting.

As a matter of fact, you can just do the weight lifting alone and get most or all of the fat-burning effect. That’s because even between weight-lifting sessions, your body continues to burn fat.

As soon as you have your fat on the run, it’s time to add in the specific exercises for your abs. Basically, what you need to do is put resistance on your abs to make them stronger. You can do this in several ways. We’ve all heard of crunches and sit ups. The difference between them is mostly how you sit up. With crunches, you curl your upper torso off the floor leaving your back down, whereas with sit ups, you raise your whole back, keeping it straight.

Jackknife sit ups & Leg lifts

As with everything, there are variations. You can do jackknife sit ups, in which you simultaneously raise your shoulders and legs, so your nose touches your knees. Another exercise is leg lifts, where you only raise your legs.

Bicycle Crunches

You can add twists to your crunches, as with bicycle crunches, to get at your obliques, which are usually underdeveloped. You simply put your hands next to (not behind) your head, then raise your knees one after the other as you crunch, twisting your shoulders to bring each elbow to meet the opposite knee at the top of each crunch. It’s not a pleasant experience, but it’s effective!

Exercise Ball

A final pair of ideas to strengthen your abs are to do squats and use an exercise ball. Squats are a standard weight exercise that challenge your entire torso including your back. An exercise ball can also help you train the muscles around your stomach and sides to stabilize your spine and hips. You use the ball as your base while doing crunches and twists.

There you have it – the best workouts for abs. When you do them, you get a nice bonus as well – your whole body gets leaner and lots of surrounding muscles also get stronger.

On top of those pluses, your health gets better because of the improved diet you need to cut the fat, and your cardiovascular as well as general fitness improve, too.

Just remember those good points next time you’re in the middle of a painful set of crunches. It may not help with the pain, but somehow it feels better anyway, just knowing about them.

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