How To Get Better Sleep & Sleep Longer

Sound sleep is an extremely important aspect in ensuring that you maintain good health and a positive behavior in your daily work & lifestyle. While some people are naturally attuned to sound sleep, many find this process more difficult. There are many ways in which you can attain proper sleep. Hopefully these ten tips will help you maintain a better sleep.

Clear mind

Learn from children who sleep absolutely unconcerned. If you can stay away from daily stresses & thoughts during your sleep, you will raise your chances of proper sleep significantly. This means turn off the TV, put away that book, turn off all the lights, clear your mind and eyes.

Synonymous comforts

Slowly habituate yourself to fall asleep while listening to a particular song, or merely the whirring of the ceiling fan. Your body will soon associate those sounds with the act of sleeping. The calm soothing sounds of certain types of music, or the rhythmic sound of your air conditioner often can help in falling asleep faster.

Comforting thoughts

If the clear mind tip doesn’t work, then try the opposite.

Fill your mind with comforting thoughts that relax your mind and body. Stir your imagination. If you imagine a barren field with deer running, you will naturally sleep when the last deer runs off. This is what we often tell our younger children to do when they’re having difficulty falling asleep; Counting sheep?

Comfortable Bed & Sheets

This tip should be obvious, but you would be surprised how many people do not maximize their sleep with a comforting mattress that fits their body and contour. Find a bed set that fits your style of sleeping. Comfortable sheets and covers can go a long way as well.

Avoid Caffeine

People drink caffeine to wake up in the morning or for an extra kick. We’re looking for the opposite effect. Don’t get into the habit of drinking tea or coffee after sunset.

Finish you work earlier

When you work late, your mind can race a mile a minute with work related thoughts, problems, and solutions. It’s very hard to sleep when you’re constantly thinking of these issues. Try to finish work earlier in the day, so you can have a reset period at night where you only relax.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

The healthier your body is the better it will function. Sleep is a function of the body. A healthy diet with can help greatly with sleep related issues.

Practice stretching or yoga

Stretching can help your body and mind relax. We’ve already gone over how a relaxed mind and body can promote better sleep. Yoga is practiced by millions, and is claimed to help with relaxation and breathing. Helpful meditations like Yoga are also used to gain better control over your bodily functions.

Avoid liquor & tobacco

Even some say liquor can induce temporary sleep, it can eventually make you dependent to sleep at all. Avoiding tobacco and liquor all together promotes a healthier lifestyle, which in turn promotes better sleep.

Hopefully these tips will help in your quest for better sleep. If you have any great tips to add, please feel free to chime in!

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