Five ways to control Diabetes

Almost everyone knows someone that has Diabetes, but some people do not know exactly what it is. Diabetes is a disease that creates a tremendous impact on the human body. It doesn’t have any direct treatment and can be cured only through slow care. Diabetes is actually the stage when your blood sugar level goes pretty high. It is referred to as Diabetes Mellitus, and its different types affect children, adults and pregnant women.

Type 1 Diabetes

It affects mostly children and happens suddenly. A child suffering from this disease will have ready inclination to drink water excessively and urinate. In this case, the body is unable to produce the right level of insulin necessary for proper blood sugar.

Type 2 Diabetes

It affects mostly adults, especially the overweight ones. In this case, there is proper secretion of insulin but the body doesn’t show adequate response. The symptoms are similar, but this is more dangerous since this aggravates several inherent diseases such as improper blood clotting, skin inflammation, yeast infection, kidney or heart complications.

Gestational Diabetes

This may affect pregnant women and can cause congenital problem to would be children such as bad eyesight, muscular deformity or heaviness.


It’s a preemptive condition when an abnormal sugar level causes problems in breathing, pancreatic functions and other body parts.

What are the symptoms?

Apart from the common tendency to drink and urinate excessively, you can also lose the clarity of your eyesight, have severe renal problems or feel exhausted quite early. It can lead to a stroke or heart failure. A person catching a cold will have it for an excessive period, while even minor wounds will take a long time to heal.

How to Control Diabetes?

You have to be careful about your food intake wherein you say no to carbohydrates and beverages. Broccoli and yam are wonderful vegetables to have for a Diabetes patient. You have to ward off stresses from your life and maintain regular sleeping habits. Don’t indulge in antihistamines or anti-depression pills. Most all Diabetes patients visit their doctor on a regular basis, and this is very important.

5 Ways to Control Diabetes

1. Lose weight
By losing just 10 pounds you could eliminate many of the problems that are associated with Diabetes, and this would help control your blood glucose levels.

2. Exercise
Walking, jogging and any other cardio routine will help to keep the blood flowing in your body and have great benefits to Diabetes patients.

3. Quit smoking
Smoking and Diabetes are a terrible combination. Smoking accelerates Diabetes and quitting will yield tremendous benefits.

4. Relax
Stress is a common factor to many Diabetes patients. By relaxing and living a stress free life, your body is able to cope and function better.

5. Consistently monitor blood glucose levels
If you have Diabetes be sure to keep it under control by knowing exactly your sugar levels at various times throughout the day especially before and after meals. Follow your doctor’s advice and take your insulin when you need to.