Top 10 Ways to Cure a Hangover

Most people relish in hitting the town once in awhile and meeting up with friends to have a few drinks can sometimes turn in to having a few too many. Though worth it at the time, the result is usually not feeling up to par the next day. Here are the top 10 ways to cure a hangover when your indulge compromises your next day’s productivity.

The H20 Rule
The best way to combat a hangover is to take preventative measures so that it doesn’t occur in the first place. Hangovers are the body’s way of telling you it is dehydrated. A good rule of thumb when out having a few (or more) cocktails or beers is to drink an 8 oz glass of water in between every drink. This will give your body a steady supply of hydration throughout the night.

If you haven’t done that throughout the night be sure to drink 8 ounces before you hit the sack and pop an aspirin at the same time.

Ditch the Morning Coffee
Many people turn to coffee after a hangover which is not a good idea. Because we feel sluggish it should make sense to drink caffeine for a quick boost; however nothing will help a hangover more than water after a night of binge drinking. You can also drink some 100 percent fruit juice in between. The natural acids and sugars will help restore your low blood levels.

Eat the Right Foods
Our liver plays a key role in metabolizing the foods we ingest. It also metabolizes the alcohol we drink and has to work double time to do so. Therefore eating fatty foods for a hangover is a myth-alcohol causes our blood sugar levels to decrease and when it does it is the liver’s job to break down the carbohydrates in order to obtain the sugars in them and distribute them into the bloodstream. If however you spent the night pounding alcohol, your liver is focused on that and neglecting the food. Eat a few light snacks throughout the day that won’t be difficult for your liver to process such as crackers or toast. The carbohydrates will help replenish the glucose your body needs to heal itself. Bananas and honey are also great. The bananas will coat your stomach and the honey can balance sugar levels.

Some herbs have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and some research shows that a few can be helpful when it comes to hangovers. Although the jury isn’t entirely in, these few herbs may assist in a hangover.

Bifidus powder-is found at most health stores and contains natural good bacteria that will combat the acetaldehyde in alcohol that contributes to hangovers. Mix one or two teaspoons in 8 ounces of water and drink before bed.

Vitamin B
take one before bed and one when you wake in the morning. Vitamin B will increase energy and also help your liver metabolize the alcohol quicker.

500 milligrams of ginger is known to ease the nausea that accompanies an upset stomach with hangovers. Peppermint may also do this either in pill form or simply sucking on a candy.

Prickly pear cactus
Many studies show that this herb can help with nausea, cotton mouth and reduce inflammation in the stomach caused by alcohol. Take either a few hours before drinking or right before you turn in for the night.

Most likely exercising is the last thing you will want to do with a hangover but it is one of the best remedies. Exercising will get the blood pumping through your veins and speed up your metabolism which means the alcohol will flush out of your system sooner and thus the toxins in the alcohol will also be removed faster. Even a brisk walk can do the trick.

Lime is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels. If you must drink coffee add a teaspoon to black coffee (no sugar) and drink it. A great remedy for hangovers however is to add 2 teaspoons to a large glass of water.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
Your body is working hard to metabolize the alcohol and to restore nutrients and it does its work best when you aren’t adding tasks for it to do. If rising early isn’t necessary, sleep in a few extra hours to give your body time to work and heal.

Sports Drinks
Many sports drinks contain electrolytes which need to be replenished after drinking to excess. Though vastly unproven in the medical community, thousands swear by it. Make sure the one you drink is labeled isotonic.

Eggs and bacon?
Eat the eggs, and ditch the bacon. Eggs contain tons of protein and cysteine. The latter will help purify the toxins in the body (acetaldehyde) and the protein will increase your energy.

Drinking causes increased urinating and it isn’t just alcohol you are releasing, but also electrolytes and potassium. These need to be restored quickly in order to feel better. Many suggest adding a tablespoon of pure salt to a glass of water (you can add some honey to help with the taste) and guzzling it. Others suggest sports drinks or coconut water (which has the identical five electrolytes that our blood needs to function properly).