Most Effective Herbal Supplements and Best Herbal Supplement

For those looking to supplement their diets and nutrition with herbal pills, education and research will account for a lot. One mistake that many who do not research herbal remedies is believing that any label on an herbal supplement that is marked as ‘all natural’ automatically equates to safe. When it comes to herbal supplements, not all are created alike. Luckily however, there are many available that have been studied and have proven to be effective and safe. Here are the 5 most effective herbal supplements that you should be taking right now.

When choosing an herbal supplement it is important to choose one that offers the vitamins and minerals that are historically lacking in most people’s diets. These include omega 3’s, vitamins B and D and zinc. Not all herbal supplements incorporate these nor do they have sufficient levels so it is important to read the labels carefully before purchasing one.

Weight Loss

Most supplement companies produce grossly misleading campaigns promising miracle ‘diet pills’ which generally fail to live up to their expectations. There are a few however that can help shed a few pounds. The operative word here is help. No ‘diet’ pill herbal or otherwise will work miracles if one leads a sedentary lifestyle combined with poor nutritional choices, but some do have components that will assist in some weight loss when combined with proper diet and exercise.

Green Tea Extracts
Long researched and proven to be effective in aiding weight loss as well as promoting overall good health, Green Tea extracts can help increase metabolism. It also has caffeine, a stimulant that can help as an appetite suppressant.

White Bean Extract
Phaseolus vulgaris is the primary ingredient in White Bean Extracts that help the body to break down the carbohydrates that we ingest while also blocking some of the starch that turns into sugar or glucose.

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract
The principal ingredient in this supplement, forskolin works with the body’s natural intake of the enzyme lipase. Lipase monitors our stored fat and how much of it is utilized to burn calories and how much fat remains stored in the body. By increasing the amount of Lipase and its ability to use stored fat as an energy source, many have lost pounds and inches off their waists.

For Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Omega 3’s
A vast number of people do not have enough Omega 3 in their diet particularly those who shy away from seafood as fish is the leading source of Omega 3. Taking a daily amount of this supplement which has a ton of anti-inflammatory agents in it can reduce the amount of inflammation in the body’s muscles, joints and blood supply. Because it can decrease arrhythmias, a leading cause of strokes and heart attacks, those who take this supplement have a lesser chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Some research also shows that those who have asthma report less attacks as well as some studies showing that Omega 3 may decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Overall Health

Any supplement that is rich in probiotics will be good for overall health. Acidophilus and bifidus are two of the good bacteria that our body will produce and that also counter the bad bacteria that our bodies must fight off. For optimum health, we must balance the good and the bad. By creating a balance those who take probiotics overall have better immune systems, improved digestive systems, absorb more nutrients, and lesser amounts of food and/or allergy sensitivity.

How To Choose a Safe Natural and Herbal Supplement

Those herbal remedies and plants have been used for thousands of years, there are some that simply have not been researched enough and others that are outright dangerous to take. When choosing a supplement it is most important to read all of the active ingredients and research each one separately.

Herbal supplements are not regulated as stringently as other medications, so individuals need to be hyper focused when reading up on them. For a manufacturer to sell herbal supplements they do not need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration as other medicinal products do.

The supplement you choose should, at the very least, be branded with the company’s name as well as an address. It should also have a complete list of ingredients and the proper serving size or dosage.

Additionally you should choose supplements that have a lot of research and studies that have concluded that they are safe for consumption. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine does a good job at publishing clinical studies on herbal treatments and remedies, but you can also seek guidance from your physician or pharmacist as well.

If you are taking over the counter medications or have a pre-existing health condition of any kind it is wise to seek information from a health practitioner prior to taking any herbal supplement as some may negatively interact with medications already being taken, or can worsen an existing condition.