Best ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

When people take in a lot of calories in their diet and don’t take the appropriate measures to burn it, they are putting their life in danger. The accumulation of harmful calories leads to them being stored along the blood vessels, whose continual accumulation leads to heart attacks as well as strokes. It is therefore, very important to look into ways that an individual can speed up his or her metabolism rate, because this is one way of preventing some of the health complications mentioned above. When an individual has a high metabolism, their body requires a lot of energy, and in order to meet this demand, a lot of calories get burned, and this prevents their accumulation and consequent health risks.

How to increase your metabolic rate

There are numerous methods through which an individual can increase their metabolism, with most of the methods revolving around diet adjustments and coming up with exercise programs. A change in someone’s diet ensures that he or she is able to check the calories that he or she is consuming in their diet, while exercise is aimed at burning all of the fat that the body does not require.

The ways of increasing your metabolic rate:

Building muscle

When your body has more muscles, maintaining them will require a lot of energy as compared to when an individual has a lot of fat. For example, for an individual to maintain a pound of fat he or she will need to use up only 2 calories a day, but to maintain a pound of muscle, he will require to burn six calories. Therefore, the people who take up resistance training build more muscle and increase their rate of metabolism.

Drinking more water

When you take up the habit of drinking water before every meal, you are increasing the rate of metabolism in your body. The recommended adult water intake is at least eight glasses per day, which is used in digestion. In addition, taking in water before a meal will make you feel as if you are getting full faster, and this leads to an individual eating less. Fruits and vegetables also play a similar role, since they contain a lot of fluids that are very important when it comes to digestion.

Protein intake

Proteins have a high concentration of amino acids, which are not easily broken down, leading to the body using up a lot of energy and consequently burning fat. Health professionals advise that a good diet should be at least 20% to 30% protein, and you get these from eating fish, yogurt, legumes and chicken among others.

Snacking throughout the day

Instead of eating three heavy meals per day, it is possible to have five to six meals of very small quantities. These snacks will lead to the body burning fat as well as reducing an individual’s appetite to have a heavy meal. Your body metabolism is kept working all day and this results in reduced amounts of fat stored in the body.

A hearty breakfast

Breakfast is very important in that it helps the body’s metabolism to step up, after a night of very slow metabolism. When someone is sleeping, the body metabolism is at its lowest and breakfast helps it to speed up. People who take breakfast are in a position to lose more weight as those who skip it. In addition, a fiber high and protein breakfast will help in maintaining your energy throughout the day.

Dairy products

Choosing the right dairy products will assist the body in increasing the metabolic reactions. For example, low fat dairy products help an individual loose more body fat as compared to those who avoid it, by figures of up to 70%. The reason for this is the presence of calcium, which increases metabolic reactions.