Best ways to Quit Smoking & Cigarettes

It is not easy to stave off an addiction like trying to quit smoking, in fact it is very hard! Smoking often reaches a degree where you cannot stay for an hour sometimes much less without dangling a cigarette from your mouth. Smoking is very serious and it not only causes problems to you but is dangerous for others in your family as well, for they are also forced to inhale the second hand smoke. The big question is how to quit it? Listed below are some of the prevent remedies to quit this nasty and expensive habit and quite possibly even save your life!

Invest in an electrical Cigarette (e-Cig)
This one might sound a bit funny when you first hear it, but the problematic part of a cigarette is nicotine. This is proven as fact, and medically documented. The electrical cigar will give you equal satisfaction but you don’t have to indulge in nicotine intake. Thus, you slowly wean off nicotine and eventually cigarettes. These devices are commonly sold at drug stores and the big chain department stores.

Think of the dread effect
Just surf Internet on severe sufferers from smoking, and the dreadful pictures will surely dampen your smoking habit. Smoking kills, and this is a fact! There are many websites and images on the internet that will shock you into quitting.

Make a resolution
Quitting smoking needs a strong resolution and thus it is better to find a smoker of your level who has decided to call it quits. Follow his routine and thus when he quits; you will also do the same. For every addiction that is moral support and community groups available to help you kick the habit. If you don’t have the will to do it yourself, seek the advice and help of others.

Create a role model
There may be a person in your family who quit drinking or smoking long ago. Learn the tactics from him and abide by them in your quest towards quitting smoking. Treat the person as your role model. Many other people were in the same boat as you one time during their live, they are likely more than willing to share there story with you, and thus providing encouragement.

Ignore cravings
If you are a chain smoker, you may have strong side effects (nausea, headache, lack of interest in eating) for a few days. You will also get drawn towards having just one cigarette. You will require enough restraint to ward off these cravings. Just say no!

Reduce your metabolic rate
Cigarette is hell for your metabolic rate, and thus walking and swimming are good ideas to keep your metabolism under control. This will also shift your focus away from smoking and onto something else that is more worthwhile and productive for you.

Join a rehab camp
This is the last stage when you get trapped in a rehab center and forced to live by regulations. You live with a certain schedule and there is no chance to have any contact with cigarettes. While this point might seem very extreme, for some people it is the only way for them to quit smoking.