5 ways to raise your IQ Score & best way to improve IQ

What is the Average IQ?
Intelligence is your capacity to grasp numerous things and understand the concept fast. It is asserted in a systematic formula called Intelligence Quotient (IQ). There are processes in place to ascertain the IQ of a person, and they are called psychometric analysis.

It is so designed that if you manage a par score, you get 100 points; your score decreases with a deviation of 15 points with any further mistake while you gain 15 points, if you fare better than average. A very common question that is often asked is what is the average IQ score? IQ scores are often used for employment and educational purposes, and the method to determine someone’s IQ score is somewhat complex.

How are these tests done?

Three important tests to assess your IQ are as follows:

1. Linear patterns are shown (shapes or numerals) and you have to deduce the missing link. It is a relatively easy calculation because the pattern is linear.

2. You are shown various illustrations and asked on what story you can formulate from those illustrations.
3. You are told particular words and asked what you connect with each distinct word.

People with average or below-par IQ scores are often stuck with mental blocks that hamper them to think clearly. Thus they fail to analyze the illustrations or make any connections. What this connotes is that they are slow on uptakes and understand things with a dull pace. However, people with high IQs can very often cruise through these tests.

What score is ideal for IQ?
While majority of people score 100 or around; some people are smart enough to tap 115 or 130. An IQ score of 145 or above is extraordinary and the person is gifted with immense mental clarity. Such a person will be exceptionally quick with jumbles, puzzles and crosswords and can pick strategies fast in games like chess or scrabble.

Your mental aptitude suffers a lot if you feel depressed, morbid or are under severe stress. A score of 70-85 is below average and if you score 55, you are deemed extremely slow with mental practices.

5 ways to raise your IQ Score

1. Play video games. Video games are often involve logical thinking and finding creative solutions to various problems. The exercise that you give you mind when you play video games can have a great benefit to your IQ score.
2. Sleep Well. A rested mind is a sharp mind. The average person needs 8 hours of sleep per day to function normally, but be sure not to over do it!

3. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku. These two mind and thought provoking games are great for your mind and you practice these on a regular basis they can help improve your IQ score.

4. Classical Music. The mind calming effect of listening to Mozart is widely known to improve your IQ.

5. Read. Reading is by far the fastest and easiest way to keep your mind sharp. This simple task done regularly will have great benefits to your IQ.

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