Top 10 Foods High in Cholesterol

You do not have to be a dietician or a nutritionist to know that eating fried foods, especially those you get from fast food chains, on a regular basis is definitely unhealthy. Aside from the fact that they are packed full of fat and sodium, they are also extremely high in cholesterol. When you build your meals from foods high in cholesterol, trans fats, and saturated fats, you are likely going to end up having exceedingly elevated cholesterol levels. This will then lead to an increase in your risk of developing heart conditions.

While cholesterol is definitely something that your body requires in order for the cell membranes to function properly and for the necessary hormones to be produced, too much of it can be deadly. You should also keep in mind that the body already creates enough amounts of cholesterol, so you do not have to supplement it with more. This does not mean that you should already ban every type of food that contains this steroid lipid, but you should be more aware and cautious of the frequency and the amount that you consume.

If you want to prevent yourself from developing heart conditions, here is a list containing the top 10 foods high in cholesterol.


Butter can be found in almost all foods– you will find it being used in cakes, bread, pastries, and cookies. Most types of bread already contain this crucial ingredient, but a lot of people further slab these baked goods with it. In addition, it is also used with vegetables as well as in making soups, sauces, and bases. A hundred grams of butter contains around 215mg of cholesterol, which comprises 72% of the recommended Daily Value (DV). One stick of butter packs more than 240mg of cholesterol, which is already 81% DV.

Caviar or Fish Roe

In Europe, especially in the Northern and the Eastern area, caviar or fish roe is a very popular spread used in breads. However, this is considered to be one of the top 10 foods high in cholesterol. 100 grams of this contains 588 mg of cholesterol, which is about 196% DV. A tablespoon has 94mg, an amount that is already considered to be 31% of the recommended DV.


Cheese is a commonplace in vegetarian diets, since it is a great source of protein. It also provides calcium, another crucial element that the body requires. A lot of people use this to complement a wide variety of dishes. However, most types of cheeses are actually packed with cholesterol. The cheese with the highest cholesterol level is Port de Salut. A 100 gram serving of this gives 123mg or 41%DV. Some of the other high cholesterol cheeses include Fontina, Gouda, Gruyere, Cream Cheese, and Cheddar.

Egg Yolk

Egg yolks place top on the list of the top 10 foods high in cholesterol. A 100 gram serving of these already amounts to 411% of the recommended daily value, as it gives 1234mg of cholesterol. Of course, it is highly unlikely that you will be eating more than just one yolk, so if this is the case, you will be consuming around 210 mg of cholesterol. A whole egg, including the whites, gives 212mg, or 71% of the DV. In other words, almost the entire amount of cholesterol in this food is found in the yolk.

Fast Foods, Especially Breakfasts

Fast foods, especially those being offered during breakfast, are some of the top foods high in cholesterol. For example, if you eat a slice of ham, an egg, and a cheese biscuit (with a serving amount of 100g), you are already consuming 172mg of cholesterol, which is about 57% of the recommended DV. A combination of egg and sausage biscuit even delivers more, as this contains 261mg or 87% DV.

Liver, Foie Gras, Pâtés

The liver is the organ responsible for the creation and the manufacturing of cholesterol. With this being said, you should no longer wonder why liver-based cuisine is one of the top 10 foods high in cholesterol. Liver obtained from any type of anima will contain almost the same amount of cholesterol, around 564mg per 100 grams. This comprises 188% of the recommended Daily Value. Foie Gras as well as most types of pâtés deliver around 255mg per 100g serving or 85% DV.

Oil Packed Fish

While fish oil is good for the heart, it still contains cholesterol. For example, the Atlantic Sardines (oil packed) gives 142mg per 100 grams. This is 47% of the recommended Daily Value. Eating the entire contents of a can of this fish product will get you 131mg of cholesterol. A single sardine carries 17mg or 6% DV.

Processed Meats including Duck, Sausage, and Lamb

Processed meats carry varying levels of cholesterol, depending on the cut that they were made from and the amount of fat that was used during their processing. A 100 gram serving of bratwurst or liver sausage delivers 158mg of cholesterol, 50% of the DV. Lamb and duck meats contain the highest levels of cholesterol.

Shellfish including Clams, Mussels, and Oysters

Clams, mussels, and oysters, while they are foods high in cholesterol, actually carry the least bit. For example, a 100 gram serving of Wild Eastern Oysters contain 105mg of cholesterol. This is 35% of the Daily Value. An ounce of these oysters delivers 30 mg or 10% of the DV, while a single oyster only has 7mg, or 3%DV.

Shrimp and Prawns

Shrimp and prawns also make it to this list of the top 10 foods high in cholesterol because for every 100 grams of serving, you will get 195mg of this steroid lipid. This is 65% of the daily value. An ounce of these delivers 55mg of cholesterol, which is 18% of the recommended DV. One large shrimp carries about 11 mg, 4% of the DV.