Top 10 Ginkgo Biloba Supplements

Ginkgo biloba, also commonly referred to as the maidenhair tree, is a unique type of tree. It also has long since been used for its numerous medicinal properties and health benefits. It helps in the treatment of the nervous system and the circulatory system. It also aids and supports better memory, stamina, and mood. Many people who suffered from sexual dysfunction and other related disorders were also able to significantly benefit from the use of the tree’s leaf extracts.

Possibly the greatest benefit of using the extracts from the leaves of this particular tree is to help in the treatment of memory related problems, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Some of the other health problems where its use has been found to be beneficial for include intermittent claudication, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Of course, with all of the benefits that gingko biloba has been proven to provide, there is no longer a reason for you to wonder why the market is packed full of health products such as supplements containing its extract. So when shopping around for such supplements, make sure that you look out for the following brands, as these are considered to be the top 10 gingko biloba supplements available in the market today.

1. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Ginkgo Biloba Plus Memory

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Ginkgo Biloba Plus Memory

The Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Ginkgo Biloba Plus Memory are supplements that do not contain any trace of gluten and dairy. They contain garlic bulbs that are guaranteed to be 100 percent organically grown. The combination of these garlic and ginkgo biloba extracts results in much more efficient support for memory concentration, mental acuity, and learning. The suggested use is to take one or more of these capsules twice a day, preferably with meals.



2. Now Foods Ginkgo Biloba

Now Foods Ginkgo Biloba

Now Foods is a trusted name when it comes to quality health products. This includes the company’s ginkgo biloba supplements. They are manufactured through the implementation only of the highest quality industry standards. Each capsule contains the minimum 24 percent of ginkgoflavonglycosides and the minimum 6 percent of terpene lactones. When used as an herbal dietary



3. Nature’s Way Ginkgold Eyes Ginkgo Biloba

Nature’s Way Ginkgold Eyes Ginkgo Biloba

Nature’s Way Ginkgold Eyes is definitely one of the best ginkgo biloba supplements you will find in the market because they do more than just what the other supplements do. These supplements are manufactured through the use of a new formula, which incorporates elements that will help you improve the quality of your eyesight. In addition to improved visual functions, you will still be able to enjoy the other benefits that ginko biloba is known to provide. Taking 2 tablets on a daily basis is the recommended dosage for this product.



4. FoodScience of Vermont Ginkgo Biloba

FoodScience of Vermont Ginkgo Biloba Biloba

The FoodScience of Vermont Ginkgo Biloba supplements contain only the most potent and purest of all ingredients. In addition to supporting and improving brain function, these health supplements are also ideal for vegetarians. Each capsule is standardized in order to ensure that it provides 14.4mg of ginkgo flavone glycosides. The recommended dosage is two capsules a day, one with breakfast and one with lunch.


5. Eclectic Institute Compound Herbal Elixir

Eclectic Institute Compound Herbal Elixir

One of the main things that set the supplements from Eclectic Institute apart from the others is the company’s use of raw materials. These ingredients are flash frozen and freeze dried. This manufacturer is known for the consistency of the levels of bioactive compounds it uses on all its products. The suggested use for these health products is to take one to three capsules a day.




6. Cardiovascular Research Ginkgo Biloba

Cardiovascular Research Ginkgo Biloba

These supplements from Cardiovascular Research are standardized and highly potent. They do not contain any type of fillers and binders. In addition, they are also free of the most common types of allergens, including beef, yeast, soy, and eggs. The recommended dosage for these supplements is one to two capsules a day.



7. Jarrow Formulas Ginkgo Biloba

Jarrow Formulas Ginkgo Biloba

The ginkgo biloba supplements manufactured by Jarrow Formulas contain GinkgoSelect. This is produced by implementing a patented extraction process that requires multiple phases, resulting in the standardized 24 percent ginkgoflavonglycoside. This also leads to the production of 6 percent terpene lactone extract. Taking these 1 or 2 of these supplements a day, as recommended by your health care provider and depending on the strength, can help you improve your body’s circulatory functions while also giving you with added antioxidant protection.


8. Futurebiotics Ginkgo Biloba

Futurebiotics Ginkgo Biloba

Futurebiotics is known for its consistency in providing quality concentrated supplements making use of this powerful herbal extract. In addition, the standardized supplements from this manufacturing company are more easily absorbed by the body, with the nutrients being easily assimilated into the user’s bloodstream. This then makes it easier for your body to quickly absorb all of the beneficial constituents that the supplements provide. One of the main benefits of these Futurebiotics supplements is a greater and more efficient blood circulation.


9. Natrol Ginkgo Biloba

Natrol Ginkgo Biloba

Natrol’s supplements help promote an increased level of circulatory oxygen to the brain cells. This, in turn, then helps those who are suffering from a wide variety of disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, depression, blood clots, respiratory diseases, tinnitus, vascular problems, stress, senility, memory loss, dementia, kidney diseases, asthma, and attention deficit disorder among many others. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day, either in the morning or at night. It is also advised to be taken while you have a slightly empty stomach.


10. Action Labs Super Ginkgo Biloba Plus Gotu Kola

Action Labs Super Ginkgo Biloba Plus Gotu Kola

These supplements with gotu kola from Action Labs have been designed to provide additional and nutritive support for both normal circulation and brain function. Each capsule contains ginkgo biloba leaf extracts, gotu kola, Fo-Ti, Dong Quai, cayenne, and pine bark extract. The recommended dosage, as a dietary supplement, is 2 capsules once a day up to two times daily.