Top 10 worst foods to eat on Gluten Free Diet

What is the Gluten Free Diet?
One of the most common health related question that is asked recently, is what is the Gluten Free diet? Certain people incur celiac diseases through genetic reasons or just by eating lots of barley, rye or wheat. Actually, in a normal eating setup, it is hard to abstain from this, as sandwiches, pizzas and pastas contain glutens. Glutens are an important part of wheat, rye and barley and can intensify inflammatory conditions and other ailments such as diarrhea or skin disease. This is the main reason why many people have resorted to the Gluten Free Diet. It must be noted that this diet does not recommend the complete absence of gluten, but instead it focuses on greatly minimizing the Gluten intake to a more harmless level.

Salient features of Gluten free diet
As stated earlier, you don’t need to cut gluten altogether but it is very helpful to cut down on the intake. You can replace these foods with rice, yam, millet or arrowroot. If you cannot ignore flour breads, try rice flour. You need to be alert on just how much intolerant you are to glutens and if you get allergic when you have wheat or barley. A gluten free diet incorporates eating the above-mentioned replacements. You can eat egg, chicken, seasonal fruits and vegetables without any tension. You can also indulge in oatmeal, although it is not clear whether oats are right for celiac disease sufferers or not.

Alcoholic Beverages
You also need to abstain from liquor and tobacco in addition to the gluten free diet. It is recommended to get regular exercise and proper sleep with lots of water to maintain good metabolism. Drinking alcohol is not recommended, and if you cannot stay away from the alcoholic drink, at least try to cut back on your beer consumption. Mushrooms and broccoli are wonderful gluten free remedies.

Is Gluten free diet good for everybody?
Wheat has a better capacity for calories and energy than rice (carbohydrates). Thus, it is actually not a great idea to indulge in gluten free diet, unless you suffer from celiac diseases. This diet is actually growing into a craze, but it is necessary to assess your Gluten intolerance first. If you have a problem whenever you eat a Gluten product, this diet is a good idea for you. However, don’t get into the assumption that it is a brilliant way to infuse energy.

Top 10 Foods to Avoid for the Gluten Free Diet

10. Sausages and prepared meats
9. Candy
8. Ketchup
7. Potato Chips
6. Most Vitamins
5. Gravy and Most Sauces
4. Salad dressing
3. Ice Cream
2. Soy Sauces
1. Cream Soups

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